Rules of conduct

1. Please keep all golf course golf carts on the golf course property at all times.

2. Tee times are required; please show up for your established tee time at least 10 to 15 minutes early. This will help us keep the course regulated, especially during peak times.

3. EVERYONE is required to check in at the Pro Shop and sign the daily sheet. Golf course personnel will get you started with your round.

4. If you are late for your tee time you will be re-assigned to the next available tee time.

5. Proper golf attire is required which includes:

  • Collared (or mock collared) shirts, no t-shirts allowed.

  • Denim shorts and pants are allowed as long as they are not cut-offs.

  • We are a spikeless facility, work boots and cowboy boots are not acceptable.

6. Only two (2) persons are allowed in a golf cart. This includes children. Please keep all non-playing children in the cart at all times for safety.

7. All children ages 7 and older shall be part of a family season pass or shall pay normal green fees.

8. Please plan the number of holes you want to play, if you are booked for 9 holes and you want to play 18 holes, then you must check with Pro Shop before continuing play.

9. No private coolers or alcoholic beverages are allowed. Coolers, alcohol and ice are available at the Club House Restaurant & Lounge located next to the proshop in the club house.

10. Everyone must have their own set of golf clubs. Sharing of golf clubs is prohibited. Golf club rentals are available in the pro shop.

11. Range balls are to be used only on the driving range.

12. Please keep pace with the group in front of you. 9 holes should take you 2 hours to play. We would like to see speed of golf at about 10 minutes per hole. Letting other golfers through is not only courteous, but allows the speed of play to be consistent without any bottlenecks. 

13. Groups making the turn from #9 to #10 have the rights over those starting on #1.

14. When lightning occurs, please be safe, either return to the clubhouse or find cover.

15. Unruly or disrespectful individuals will be asked to leave the golf course and surrender all fees paid.

Thank you for your time and cooperation on these rules. Please feel free to contact any board member with your questions or concerns. Good luck and have fun this season!!